Album Covers

As a touring musician for many years, A way for me to stay connected to the scene and keep myself emerssed in music, I began doing album covers and merch design for bands in 2007.  Here's a list of bands I've done album covers & design for:

- Medic Medic "The Horse We Rode In On & The Lambs We Took With Us"

- Model Barbers "The Pandantic Equestrian"

- Lakookala "Songs For ZeMean"

- Lakookala "FFU 7" single"

- Bugs In The Dark "Cross My Heart/Little Death"

- Local H "Hey, Killer"

- Ghost Towns Of The West 

- Brüder "Gnärwähl"

- SMSHNG HRTS "Digital Singles"

- Caskey - design work

Book Covers

- "Blueberries & Kindling" - Nciolette Jean Telech 

- "Between the Sheets: The Rise Of A Working Stiff" - J.R. Verlin aka Logan Pierce

Art Exhibitions

- Info Coming Soon